Thursday, March 1, 2007

KERA magazine

I'm gonna buy this KERA Japanese Fashion Magazine Punk Edition from eBay. If anybody is interested in it, please contact me. I can scan copies and sell the original copy to you. I'm a fast learner though. haha.

KERA Japanese Fashion Magazine Punk Edition

The magazine is temporarily not available for payment detailing. E-mail me mid-April or after i read the content of the magazine.

Flickr kawaiistas!

Someone from Flickr made a kawaii photo sharing. Specifically, Cram Creams and Cool Pool. There's this cool kawaii floor paper i saw while surfing the hardcore kawaii sea. I better get one myself! They're the coolest. It would be cool to have a MonokoroBoo floor, right?

Cram Cream Floor

I shall upgrade my flat immediately. A retro wall full of French posters and a Cram Cream floor would fill me up. Oh and Amigurumi toys in the couch would do the trick! :)

Doing all the redecoration would make me get a week off from selling stuff. What shall i do? Nah. I shall stay here and sell and by the weekend, i redo my home.

a m i g u r u m i

Amigurumi crocheted toys are so huggable and lovable. There are millions of characters to choose from. It's nice to pet someone that would be there when you need them. You can even talk to them (but don't expect an answer, okay? that would be scary). An example of Amigurumi here came from some site. If you would love to order the Amigurumi you want, contact me.

Amigurumi Pig and Penguin

Price: $7-12.00
Shipping: $8.00

k a w a i i

There are alot of Japanese characters today. Kawaii stuff are cute japanese things in neon. Printed are Japanese characters such as Sanrio, Cram Cream, MonokoroBoo, Ruu & Suu, Hello Kitty, Preco, Koguma, Q-Lia, Pool Cool, Kamio, San-x and many more. The examples below are pictures from some site. These are the kinds of kawaii items i can sell. To order, tell me who's your favorite character and what you would love to receive.

Cram Cream Deco Tape

"These are Cram Cream Deco Tape" each would cost $3-4.00

Kawaii Deco Tapes

"This is a collection of Kawaii deco tapes" A collection would cost $12-15.00

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Friend Town Sticker Sack

"This is a Friend Town Sticker Sack" this cost $5.00

Cram Cream Bag

"This is a Cram cream bag" something like this would cost $5.00

Mamegoma Notepad

"This is a Mamegoma Notepad" each would cost $3-5.00

There's a lot more where these came from. If you have anything specific, please tell me so we can arrange details.

Vintage Art Posters

Like some other posters, these cool vintage posters would look cool with your vintage-retro wall. Here are some examples from some site:

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"A Vintage Smoking Ad Poster"

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

"A poster of the vintage Vogue magazine"

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

"Vintage Art"

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Price: $19.00
Shipping: $8.00-12.00 (depending on the type of ship)

Oldies Movie Posters

Oldies movie posters are similar to the French Vintage. Classic posters look good in walls. Order multiples to these for a lifetime of classicity. lol. Here are some of the oldies movie poster i can offer. If you want a poster of your favorite classical movie (or any movie at all), e-mail me your suggestions.

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"A Hard Day's Night" starring The Beatles

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"Breakfast At Tifanny's" starring Audrey Hepburn

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"Duck Soup" starring The Four Marx Brothers

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"Singing in the Rain" starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds

Shipping: $8.00-12.00 (depending on the type of shipping)

french vintage posters

Upgrade your wall with these French vintage movie poster. They are too artistic to look at! Put them in frames and voila! A nice photo poster of pure art. Here's an example of a French vintage movie poster from some site:

French vintage movie Poster

Price: $20.00
Shipping:$8.00-14.00 (depending on the type of ship)